What to Look for in a Cane Defense Instructor Who Teaches Self-Defense with Canes for Senior Citizens by in home cane self-defense instructor Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. of Honolulu Hawaii Covering all of Oahu text or call 808.224.1870

As a senior citizen myself, who's grown older teaching in home martial arts and self-defense here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu, I’ve seen the good self-defense instructors, the bad martial arts instructors and the ugly cane defense instructors (but beauty remains in the eye of the beholder :-) ). I began my martial arts training at 14 years old. I had the ability to adapt and become an even better martial artist and skilled self-defense practitioner and in home self-defense instructor as I got older even to my 63 years on this earth. Fortunately for me my wife hasn’t come to her senses and killed me yet.

With My Qualifications Out of The Way and a Taste of My Dry Sense of Humor, Here’s How to Find a Good Self-Defense Instructor Specializing in Cane Defense for Senior Citizens

Do you want a show or realistic cane defense for seniors?

Often you’ll see self-defense demonstrations that start out just fine. The martial arts instructor has a cane and even limps a little as he “walks the street” in his/her demonstration.

You see three attackers walking up to the self-defense instructor with the cane and assume fighting stances.

What? Yeah, when’s the last time you saw attackers stop and get into fighting stances before they attack someone.

The next thing you know you think you’re in a new rendition of The Matrix with the cane defense instructor hanging in the air as he kicks all three attackers in the face usually without even using the cane for anything.

That’s probably NOT the martial arts instructor you want to train in self-defense with a cane.

Okay So “Neo” is Out. Who’s Next to Teach You How to Use a Cane for Self-Defense

Wait, there’s another martial arts school right over there. Mostly kids in nice neat lines all doing the same punch and kick in front of a mirror. They even have those white uniforms on. That’s probably the place to learn cane defense for seniors right?

Okay you’ve already guessed. No, not the right place to learn cane defense for senior citizens. From a business standpoint, teaching kids martial arts and self-defense is where the money is. The discipline learned by the children is attractive to parents and it’s good for the children as well. Even punching and kicking in front of a mirror has some self-defense value and it’s great exercise. Many kids nowadays are just exercising their thumbs playing video games.

Hold on I See a Self-Defense School. Mostly Adults and Working in Pairs with Some Type of Self-Defense Drill

This has possibilities. Watch the techniques. Are those techniques just slightly out of your comfort zone or way out of your comfort zone. Just slightly is fine. You haven’t been trained in the instructor’s martial art yet. If you see a jumping, flying, spinning hook kick being executed as a self-defense technique, you’re probably at the wrong martial arts school. He’s not the one (yeah another Matrix comment)..

Are any of the students senior citizens? Ask the marital arts instructor if he/she gives lessons to senior citizens. Some may say no stating they don’t have the insurance for it or something like that. Other self-defense instructors may see dollar signs instead of you as a human being and get you signed up on a long-term contract before you even know what happened. Yeah they’re out there. Just like any other profession. Some self-defense instructors may not have a senior self-defense program, but would like to use you to get one started. If that’s the case ask the instructor how much experience he/she has in teaching self-defense to senior citizens.

“None, but I know how to use a cane.”

Up to you, but I’d rather find a martial arts instructor with experience teaching your age bracket.

Take a Drive with Me to This Next Martial Arts School

The students are working in pairs again with a self-defense drill. Some students are even standing to the side of their partner or even behind their partner. This martial arts instructor is not assuming everyone is attacked from the front. That’s good.

The self-defense techniques look pretty simple. Kicks to the knees. Strikes to the eyes. Nothing you can’t handle even 10 years from now.

Let’s go find out if the self-defense instructor has a cane defense class for senior citizens.

She does! Yes I said she. You and I were raised in the same generation. Judge the instructor on his/her skills not gender. I did that on purpose to give you a little shock and to make you think.

You’re Not Done Yet

Go and watch the cane defense class. Are you just slightly uncomfortable with being able to perform the self-defense techniques or very uncomfortable. Like I said, slightly is fine. We all have a learning curve. Talk to the students afte watching the class. How do they like the class? DO NOT just look for someone who agrees with what you’re already thinking. Keep an open mind and weigh all the facts and opinions.

What’s The Absolute Best Option for Learning Self-Defense with The Cane

Why private in home lessons of course. What did you think I was going to say? Seriously though. An experienced cane defense instructor can discuss and discover your strengths, weaknesses, short term and long term injuries. Some of your weaknesses will be improved upon while your strengths are used to increase your ability to defend yourself with or without a cane exponentially.

Your self-confidence will improve.

Your fitness level will improve.

Your ability to defend yourself and loved ones with and without a cane will improve.

Why in home lessons cane self-defense lessons Rick?

As an in home computer, cell phone and tablet tutor and troubleshooter, I have many clients with mobility issues. They may no longer drive or they may actually use a cane for mobility. I’ve found in home, going right to you, to be the best solution. Don’t worry there’s enough room. I mean, if someone breaks into your apartment or house will you tell the burglar there’s not enough room to defend yourself? If you’re going to learn how to protect yourself, you may as well learn to protect yourself in the environment that you’re in.

What Do You Charge for In Home Cane Defense Lessons for Senior Citizens Rick?

For Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu I charge $95.00 per hour. Yes I can help you remotely with Zoom or Google Meet for the same rate. You may text or call me at 808.224.1870 to check my availability. If you're on the mainland U.S.A. text only due to time differences. I do not presently do this full time so I will answer the phone in relation to my in home tutoring specializing in students with ADHD and my in home computer, cell phone and tablet tutoring and troubleshooting business .

I look forward to texting or speaking with you


Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

PS for those of you in no position to have cane defense lessons, I recommend this DVD

Stick Self-Defense - Kelly Worden's Defensive Walking Cane - Easy Self-defense with a Stick - Practical martial arts to keep you Safe

That is an affiliate link so I will make a few bucks off of it when you order. It costs you nothing to click on and nothing extra when you order. I thank you for your support.

Private In Home Self-Defense Lessons for Senior Citizens Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu Text or Call Senior Citizen and Self-Defense Expert, Dual Certified Teacher Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 808.224.1870 #SeniorSelfDefense

As I was considering retiring from teaching martial arts and self-defense an idea, possibly from above, hit me. At 62 I am fully capable both mentally and physically of defending myself BETTER than when I was younger, just differently. There are self-defense techniques I need to share with senior citizens and handicapped people....

Therefore I am now offering specialized in home self-defense lessons

enter image description here A fellow school teacher helps me demonstrate how "the pen is mightier than the sword."

My college degree was in adaptive physical education, which back then was referred to as special education for physical education. Having stared martial arts and self-defense training when I was 14 and never quitting, This gives me almost a half-century of training, along with the education and experience to teach and share in an effective manner how to defend yourself in a realistic situation.

Sensei Kirkham, what do you mean by a realistic situation?

enter image description here

Having attended martial arts schools that called two students to the floor.

Faced each other


Assumed fighting stances

And began light contact or even no contact sparring

I can tell you that is not how you will be attacked. You may be


Lying down

Have your back turned

Have a bag full of groceries in your hands going to your car

attacked from the side

Two or more people may attack you.

You may also have various physical challenges that keep you from defending yourself in a traditional manner

enter image description here

Are you


In a wheelchair?

Using crutches?

Using a cane (my favorite weapon)?

With my college education, self-defense and teaching experience I can help you learn how to defend yourself. I'll take what you make consider your weaknesses and make them your strengths.

Mr. Kirkham I don't have a lot of room in my apartment. Can we meet somewhere?

Yes we can, but let me ask you something. Where are you most likely going to be attacked?

Your home?

Some park where we meet?

One of the first things I ask my students is to look around and tell me what weapons are available in the room we're in now.

enter image description here

Next I'll ask you how you'd use those weapons?

You might have silverware, a glass, an ashtray, your cane, or other items you may not think of which is one reason I'm there.

What do you carry on your person?

enter image description here

Heavy purse?

Car keys?



All of these things on your person and in your house can be used as weapons BUT....

enter image description here

NOT without proper training, so you can use them under the stress of a life and death situation and YES that includes a gun!

The physical exercise will help you do things you didn't think you could do!

enter image description here

Back when I was only around 16 years old in the dojo, a man came in on crutches wanting to learn karate. My Sensei accepted him as a student. When it came time for him to execute a front kick with his "bad" leg he told my Sensei he couldn't do it. My Sensei told him to keep trying. Eventually, he could do a weak front with that leg! A movement he previously could not do! There would be little to no self-defense value in that, but it was a high confidence builder for the student.

enter image description here

What do you charge Mr. Kirkham?

For customized one on one realistic in home self-defense lessons I charge $95.00 per hour.

Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or Text me, Rick Kirkham, 808.224.1870 to check my availability.