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As I was considering retiring from teaching martial arts and self-defense an idea, possibly from above, hit me. At 62 I am fully capable both mentally and physically of defending myself BETTER than when I was younger, just differently. There are self-defense techniques I need to share with senior citizens and handicapped people....

Therefore I am now offering specialized in home self-defense lessons

enter image description here A fellow school teacher helps me demonstrate how "the pen is mightier than the sword."

My college degree was in adaptive physical education, which back then was referred to as special education for physical education. Having stared martial arts and self-defense training when I was 14 and never quitting, This gives me almost a half-century of training, along with the education and experience to teach and share in an effective manner how to defend yourself in a realistic situation.

Sensei Kirkham, what do you mean by a realistic situation?

enter image description here

Having attended martial arts schools that called two students to the floor.

Faced each other


Assumed fighting stances

And began light contact or even no contact sparring

I can tell you that is not how you will be attacked. You may be


Lying down

Have your back turned

Have a bag full of groceries in your hands going to your car

attacked from the side

Two or more people may attack you.

You may also have various physical challenges that keep you from defending yourself in a traditional manner

enter image description here

Are you


In a wheelchair?

Using crutches?

Using a cane (my favorite weapon)?

With my college education, self-defense and teaching experience I can help you learn how to defend yourself. I'll take what you make consider your weaknesses and make them your strengths.

Mr. Kirkham I don't have a lot of room in my apartment. Can we meet somewhere?

Yes we can, but let me ask you something. Where are you most likely going to be attacked?

Your home?

Some park where we meet?

One of the first things I ask my students is to look around and tell me what weapons are available in the room we're in now.

enter image description here

Next I'll ask you how you'd use those weapons?

You might have silverware, a glass, an ashtray, your cane, or other items you may not think of which is one reason I'm there.

What do you carry on your person?

enter image description here

Heavy purse?

Car keys?



All of these things on your person and in your house can be used as weapons BUT....

enter image description here

NOT without proper training, so you can use them under the stress of a life and death situation and YES that includes a gun!

The physical exercise will help you do things you didn't think you could do!

enter image description here

Back when I was only around 16 years old in the dojo, a man came in on crutches wanting to learn karate. My Sensei accepted him as a student. When it came time for him to execute a front kick with his "bad" leg he told my Sensei he couldn't do it. My Sensei told him to keep trying. Eventually, he could do a weak front with that leg! A movement he previously could not do! There would be little to no self-defense value in that, but it was a high confidence builder for the student.

enter image description here

What do you charge Mr. Kirkham?

For customized one on one realistic in home self-defense lessons I charge $95.00 per hour.

Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or Text me, Rick Kirkham, 808.224.1870 to check my availability.